Download “Dancing On The Inside (Potluck Mix)” for Free!

Gen took bits and pieces from the sounds each of his bandmates voluntarily played for him and reassembled them, adding in re-recorded vocals and instrumentals. After mixing all those components together, “Dancing On The Inside (Potluck Mix)” was born, courtesy of Gen and his bandmates.

You can now download the audio on the website for free. Enjoy listening to “Dancing On The Inside (Potluck Mix)” at your own leisure, on your computer, smartphone, and other devices.

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And also, by popular request, “Dancing On The Inside (Potluck Mix)” is now available on music streaming services, so you can enjoy it wherever you normally listen to music. Of course, you can still download the song for free.

Gen Hoshino - Dancing On The Inside (Potluck Mix)

Gen Hoshino  Vocal
Noriyasu "Kaasuke" Kawamura  Drums
Hama Okamoto  Bass
Ryosuke Nagaoka  Guitar & Chorus
Hirotaka Sakurada  Keyboards
Satoshi Takeshima  Flute & Clarinet
Eiko Ishibashi  Chorus
Shojiro Watanabe  Mix
Shun Ishizuka  Artwork