YELLOW MAGAZINE is a membership-based website, born from Gen Hoshino’s desire to build a brand new place for him and all of his fans to come together.

Gain access to a variety of content, like monthly status updates from Gen with photos and articles, seasonal talk show livestreams, conversations with band members and production staff involved in his activities, articles in which Gen’s staff cover people and things that Gen is currently interested in, and a YELLOW MAGAZINE archive featuring select pieces from past publications, available on both smartphones and PCs!
Content will be updated twice a month on the 1st and 15th (in the case of a holiday or weekend, it will be updated on the following weekday).
Of course, members also get exclusive access to limited-edition merchandise, early access to concert tickets, and other cool perks!

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We’re building a new space here. About half a year ago, when I told the YELLOW MAGAZINE editing team, “I want to try doing this,” they told me, “Actually, we were thinking about doing that too.” Coincidentally, we found ourselves to be on the same wavelength. And we finally realized our shared vision. We want it to be a unique, somewhat quirky place where people can have fun reading, get together from time to time, and share their thoughts. The whole editing team’s fired up for this. I’m looking forward to it too. Feel free to give it a try.

Gen Hoshino
  • ・ “Your Monthly Gen Hoshino Update” - Updated on the 1st of every month* / Monthly status updates from Gen with photos and articles
    ・ “Blast From Gen Hoshino’s Past” - Updated on the 15th of every month* / Precious photos dug up from Gen’s family album
    ・ 4 seasonal talk show livestreams hosted by Gen Hoshino
    ・ Behind the scenes photos at concerts, TV program sets, and production studios
    ・ Conversations with band members, creators, and production staff involved in his activities
    ・ Articles and columns linked to Gen’s latest activities
    ・ YELLOW MAGAZINE online archive featuring select pieces from past publications
    ・ Early access to concert/event tickets
    ・ Exclusive access to limited-edition merchandise
    ・ Members-only e-mail newsletters
    … and more!
  • * In the case of a holiday or weekend, it will be updated on the following weekday.
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